Paul |
December 22, 2017


I am privileged to know about Biblicaltraining. I am crushed with gratitude that God has seen fit to let me know him in Paul said. I would never approach him through my blinded self. I would never seek his awesome wonder without the illumination of his precious word. His word is what Biblicaltraining handles like Israel handled the ark of the Covenant. I am endlessly awestruck when I look at it. What Biblical training has done is made a pool of life, a collection of so much that I can drown in it. 

I consider myself the undeserving, unthankful, self-centered one that tripped in a random Google search and fell into a treasure house. I am eternally grateful.  My thanks to you and the staff and their families for Biblicaltraining. May God use all you all and the Biblicaltraining resourses to his own honor and glory.

Biblical Training

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