David | BiblicalTraining.org
May 26, 2020


I just wanted to say, approximately 7 years ago, I became a born-again Christian. I cannot say exactly when I was saved but I do remember curiosity caused me to type "bible stories" or something like that on Google. I very eagerly listened to all your 52 stories of the Bible. [Those were] the first Christian videos I had ever watched, I believe!

I remember being in total awe of a giant, Holy, and sovereign God who wanted a relationship with his people, "How big is your God!" Several lessons had me in tears. I would say much of my Christian thinking found [its] seeds from your teaching.

By the time it came to the NT, Jesus just made so much sense. I was so in love and somewhere in there, God revealed himself to me in Jesus.

Bless you and the team. As I type these words I fondly remember falling in love with my Saviour and Lord for the first time.

David B.

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