Brian |
January 21, 2021


I have thoroughly enjoyed the lessons from BiblicalTraining. I have never felt more [informed] and closer to Christ than I do now. I have always been a Christian as I grew up in a Methodist church in Maryland, about as far away from Camas, WA as you can get! I took early retirement so I could focus more on my business which is a ballroom dance studio.

I guess about a year ago something was moving me to rededicate myself to the Christian life which I departed from. All of this is behind me now and I find the Lord leading me back to his flock. So one day after searching for more knowledge I came across and I haven’t stopped. I have completed all of “Foundations” and “Academy: and the first 2 units (Old Testament Survey and New Testament Survey - Gospels) in “Institute. I have earned 20 badges so far.


Biblical Training

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