The Cost of Running BiblicalTraining | Free Online Bible Classes

The Cost of Running BiblicalTraining

BiblicalTraining is providing world-class educational resources for the training of the church, and it does so at virtually no cost to the user. Apart from our partners' certificates and student guides, all content is free. The site is one of the most efficient uses of financial resources to train the church, and it is making a sizable impact in the lives of many people.

Expenses in 2015

Total: $246,114 (Monthly: $20,510)

Employees:  $10,909.79 (salaries & benefits, 1PT)

Accounting: $6,941.03 (includes donation processing)

Contract work:  $167,946.88 (consulting, support, programming, recording, editing, graphic design, etc.)

Transcription: $414

Recording: $619.08 (travel, lodging)

Office/General Administrative: $6,979.54 (supplies, postage, etc.)

Facilities & equipment: $18,341.69 (hardware, software, servers, internet access, etc.)

Travel: $9,632.18 (admin, flight, meals, programs)

Development: $4,180.36 (personnel, travel, meals, promotions, supplies)

Marketing: $17,890.56 (personnel, travel, materials, newsletters)

Meetings: $308.73

Fundraising: $538.72 (Donation processing)

Partnerships/affiliates: $1,400.50

Misc.: $11.27

The cost to create an audio class for BTI: $3,000

Our goal is to tape teachers in a live class setting. In normal situations, this means that we cover the cost of recording and the professor donates the lectures. The cost of the actual recording averages $500 per class (shipping the recording equipment, buying supplies, paying a student to oversee the taping, etc.).

The lectures need to be edited and outlines created for each lecture. This takes roughly four times as long as the actual lecture. For example, a 30 hour lecture series takes 120 hours of editing and writing time, which amounts to approximately $2,500.

While we have found teachers to be more than willing to give us lectures, some schools have a policy that prohibits recorded classes to be used elsewhere. In these situations, and when we want a specific course created for BiblicalTraining, we pay the teacher the equivalent of a summer school class for taping the lectures. This averages an additional $3,000 per class.

The cost to create a video class for BTI: $25,000

Viewing online videos is becoming popular and common. Over the past few years, we have purchased cameras and lighting to make high quality videos. The additional cost for recording video compared to audio results from acquiring the venue, then the additional time required to set up the cameras, lighting, microphones and background. We also edit the video, then separate and edit the audio and create outlines and study guides.