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The Cost of Creating New Content for BiblicalTraining

BiblicalTraining is providing world-class educational resources for the training of the church, and it does so at virtually no cost to the user. Apart from our certificates, landing pages, diploma, and hardcopy student guides, all of our content is free. The site is one of the most efficient uses of financial resources to train the church, and it is making a sizable impact in the lives of many people.

The cost to create a video class for BT is approximately $25,000.

Over the past few years, we have purchased cameras and lighting to make high-quality videos. The additional cost for recording video compared to audio results from acquiring the venue, then the additional time required to set up the cameras, lighting, microphones, and background. We also edit the video, then separate and edit the audio and create outlines and study guides for each class.

More Detailed Breakdown of Video Production Costs

Hourly costs per class

This is the formula we use to determine costs creating a class. It is based on a final hour of video and what are all the costs connecting to that hour. For example, we pay a professional videographer $100 per hour, assuming that he will spend two hours for every hour shot. For a typical seminary level class with 20 hours of lectures, it costs us about $25,000 for recording and production.

Not every class we have requires each of these steps, which is why the prices above vary from class to class.

Class costs Cost/hour Production / hour Total / Hour
Video recording $100 2 $200
Video editing $100 3 $300
Color correction/rendering* $50 1 $50
Sound editing $30 3 $90
Outlines $20 1.5 $30
Quizzes $25 2 $50
Study notes $25 2 $50
Web class $25 .5 $12.50
Transcription & edit $20 4 $80
Miscellaneous $50 1 $50
Overhead $50 6 $300
Total / hour $265 / $415 23 / 25 $712.50 / $1,162.50

*For classes that are already recorded, there is no recording costs, just the editing, color correction, and rendering.

One-time costs per class

Speaker costs  
Honorarium $1,000 - $4,000
Flight $600
Hotel $100/night
Total $1,900 - $4,900
Studio Setup Costs  
Video/Audio setup $500
Teardown $200
Marketing $100
Cleaning $100
Total: $900
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