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Structure of the Christian Bible

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When the books of the Old Testament are ordered according to canon and covenant, they also correspond to the order of the books in the New Testament.


I. Introduction and Conclusion

a. Identifying the Bible's Introduction and Conclusion

b. Evidence for Revelation as the Conclusion

c. Evidence for Genesis as the Introduction

d. The Completion of Genesis 1-3

e. The Significance of Numbers

II. The Law or the Covenant

a. The Life and Teachings of the Covenant Mediator

b. The Gospel in the Old Testament

c. Elements of Continuity

d. Elements of Discontinuity

1. The Revelation of God

2. The Covenant Mediator

e. Summary

III. The Prophets or Covenant History

a. The Place of Jerusalem

b. The Correspondence of the Sermons in Acts

IV. The Writings or Covenant Life

V. Concluding Comments

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