The mission of BiblicalTraining is to help leaders in the local church become effective ministers of the Gospel by providing them with world-class, Christ-centered educational resources that will allow learning to take place in community. In other words, our goal is to help make fully-formed followers of Christ. Here are some of the individuals that help to fulfill this mission.

Bill Mounce (President and Board Member)

Bill MounceI am the founder and President of BiblicalTraining started as a dream to share the highest quality education possible with the greatest number of people possible for the lowest price possible. Initially, I was thinking in terms of elder training in the local, American church, but the dream quickly expanded to become a major training site for people around the world, especially for the poorest of the poor in the majority world. My personal information can be found at

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Ed Taylor (Website Director)

Ed TaylorI am the director of, which means I am primarily responsible for editing the recorded audio, keeping the website up to date, answering questions that come in through email, and do many of the day-to-day things that come up. In one sense, I try to do whatever I can to free Bill up so that he can concentrate on vision, networking, and getting new classes.

John Hall (Director of Communications)

John HallMy primary responsibility is to oversee the development strategies of the ministry. I also serve in a variety of administrative roles as well as helping to write course curriculum, and develop relationships with churches and individuals that partner with BT. Previously, I served in associate and preaching pastor roles, and am a graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Rebekah Smith-Lueb

Rebekah Smith-LuebI am the Administrator for I am also in charge of bookkeeping and am blessed daily to see God’s provision through your donations. I enjoy helping people navigate through the courses we offer, as well as coordinating and praying for our amazing volunteers, who assist with lecture transcriptions, outlining, quiz writing and many other tasks that help keep our course offerings accessible to all. My desire is to continue growing in Christ and hear of the transformative work Christ does in other’s lives. Until 18, I lived on the mission field with my parents and brother in El Salvador (late 1970s during the Civil War), Guatemala (late 1970s), and Mexico (1980-1991), where the majority of my family remains. For college, I went to Texas Tech University where I earned my BA in Russian Language & Area Studies and Political Science. I completed my MA in Political Science at the University of Houston and began my doctoral studies. I ended ABD after a move to the Pacific Northwest with my family.  I enjoyed teaching as an adjunct Political Science teacher at a college in Houston, TX as well as Portland State University in Portland, OR. I now live in the Portland, OR area with my husband of 23 years and my teenage daughters, both from Haiti.