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If you are insecure, the temptation is to be nervous about what the people in the congregation are thinking rather than concentrating on having an attitude of compassion. Humility is the opposite of insecurity and you discover it in God's presence. One way to demonstrate kindness is to spend 30 seconds each with as many people as possible before you lead worship. You perform from a stage, you influence from a platform. Trajectory of a Christian leader is not an ascent into fame and influence but a descent into obscurity and service.


I. Be Known for your Character Not Just Your Appearance, Matthew 7:15-17

II. Your Spiritual Uniform, Colossians 3

A. Compassionate heart: make their needs, your needs.

B. Kindness: Be kind to people personally so they connect with you when you lead them corporately.

C. Humility: Being who you really are, which you discover in God’s presence.

D. Gentleness: Avoid being hard, crass or manipulative.

E. Patience: Be willing to ask for forgiveness.

F. Love: People don’t care as much about talented you are as they do about how much you love them.

III. Conclusion

A. You cannot lead if you are not ready.

B. Leading without getting ready is what the enemy wants you to do.

C. Emphasize what matters most: God never uses a prepared worship set more than he will use a prepared heart.

D. Discipline vs. regret: Daily decide who you will be because regret is heavier to bear and lasts longer.

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