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Special Projects

Our primary need for funding is to cover our monthly costs, which in 2017-2018 were about $19,000 per month. But many people prefer to give to a specific project, so here is a list of what we are planning for 2019 and the costs.

Classes Planned for 2019

  1. How to Study your Bible (Academy)
  2. Sermon on the Mount (Institute)
  3. Deuteronomy (Institute,$25,000)
  4. Job (Institute), $25,000
  5. Christ in the Old Testament (Institute), $25,000
  6. Life is a Journey (Arabic), $4,500
  7. A Guide to Christian Beliefs (Arabic), $4,500

Classes Planned for 2020

  1. Old Testament Survey (Academy), $25,000
  2. Hermeneutics (Academy)

Other Projects for 2019

  • Second version of the apps ($10,000)
  • Course Catalogue
  • Foundations Catechism
  • More Student guides
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