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Dr. Robert Mounce

Dr. Mounce is president emeritus of Whitworth University and is the author of a number of well-known biblical commentaries including the volume on Revelation in the NICNT. Dr. David Hubbard, former president of Fuller Theological Seminary, refers to him as "one of our generation's most able expositors." He was involved in translation of the NIV, the NLT, the NIrV, and especially the ESV.


PhD in Biblical Criticism, University of Aberdeen
ThM in New Testament, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1956
BD, Fuller Theological Seminary, 1954
Graduate Program in Biblical Studies, Multnomah School of the Bible, 1948
BA in music, Univ. of Washington, 1944


Professor and Chairman of the Department of Biblical Studies, Bethel College and Seminary, 1958-67 Professor of Religious Studies, Western Kentucky University, 1967-70 Academic Dean of College of Arts and Humanities, Western Kentucky University, 1970-80 President of Whitworth College, 1981-87 Senior Pastor of Christ Community Church, Walnut Creek, CA, 1988-91

Major publications

Greek Diagrams of Romans, private publication, 1955 The Essential Nature of New Testament Preaching, Eerdmans, 1960 "Philippians" in The Wycliffe Bible Commentary, Moody Press, 1962 The Book of Revelation, NICNT, 1977 (translated into Korean and Ser
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