Mr. Bill Job

Bill Job of Meixia International arrived in China in 1987 to study Mandarin China at Xiamen University, Job learned about a new policy allowing foreigners to set up wholly owned Foreign Invested Enterprises. In March of 1988, Meixia International was born. Meixia produces Tiffany and fine glass for export. Job’s vision is to transform people and communities through profitable business.


Attended Xiamen University to study Mandarin Chinese Graduate of Western Seminary


Since Bill and Kitty Job arrived in Xiamen in 1987, their vision and innovative techniques have virtually transformed the global glass industry, and at the same time they've brought about changes to Fujian as well by providing employment opportunities to villagers in impoverished mountain regions. The Meixia company, Xiamen's first solely foreign-owned enterprise, grew from a modest investment of $10,000 in 1988 to an estimated worth of over $2 million by 2000. A 1992 Wall Street Journal recognized Bill Job as a "pioneer business spirit and innovative artist," and a leader in the stained glass industry.

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