Son of Man, Kingdom of God

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The terms “Son of Man” and  “kingdom of God” appear often in Matthew and Mark. The kingdom of God is the divine saving activity of God breaking into human history.


Son of Man, Kingdom of God

I. “Son of Man” and “Kingdom of God” in Matthew and Mark

A. Use in the Old Testament (Daniel 7)

B. Son of God was a title for human kings

C. Jesus refers to himself as the Son of Man in the third person

D. Dyatic personality

E. Son of Man not often used to refer to Messiah until Jesus did

II. Kingdom of God

A. The divine saving activity of God breaking into history

B. Dominion

III. Luke

A. Writing as a historian

B. Theophilus

C. Story of continuation

D. Story of new beginnings

E. Birth narrative comparison between Matthew and Luke

F. Inaccurate traditions

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