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Do you want to go deeper in your Bible study?

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Yes, you can go deeper in your small group Bible studies. You can actually dig into the Bible and its theology. You just need the right tools, and that's where we come in.

How deep do you want to go in your small group Bible studies? We have three levels, and here are some of our more popular classes and seminars. But feel free to peruse our offerings to find the class that is right for you and your small group.

Foundations (level 1)

Foundation courses are for all people and are geared for those who want to be sure their biblical and theological foundation is secure (see all).

Life is a Journey. Our core class on the basic issues of discipleship

Bible Survey, A Big Screen Perspective. An overview of the entire Bible that pulls all the pieces together.

A Guide to Christian Beliefs. Know what you believe, and why.

Why I Trust My Bible. Are you tired of people attacking your Bible but not knowing how to refute their claims?

Essentials of Worship. A practical and theological summary of the Who? What? When? Why? and How? of worship.

Academy (level 2)

Advanced studies for those with some biblical training, especially those who have attended the Foundations classes (see all).

Understanding Theology. A deeper look into what we believe and why.

Spiritual Formation. The most powerful class we have, helping you to identify the process of spiritual growth. This is not for beginners in the faith but for those who feel stuck.

Seminars (level 1)

Shorter classes on specific topics (see all).

Spiritual Warfare. There is an ongoing battle between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. Can you see it, and are you ready?

Essentials of Islam. What do Muslims believe, and how can Christians interact?

Forgiveness. A life-changing discussion of what forgiveness is, and is not, and how to proceed.

Spiritual Abuse. What to do when church leaders use their power to control the flock.

Depression. When a Member of the Flock Needs Special Care

Counseling for Healthy Relationships. A practical approach to healthy relationships we can all follow

Small Group Dynamics. How to lead and participate in a small group.


Knowledge must lead to transformation. This isn’t just about knowing a set of facts; it’s about our lives being changed by God’s word. And lives are best changed in community. So our recommendation is to have your people listen to the lesson on their own, perhaps work through a Student Guide (if available), and use your precious time together to reflect on what you are learning and how to apply it.

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