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Singing Songs and Song Writing

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We sing individually, corporately and worldwide. There is always music somewhere in the world. Music and singing help connect affection for God and truth about God in one unified expression. Make it simple and nourishing. For a new song, introduce it three weeks in a row as a new song. Maybe even play through the chorus first to let people hear what a segment of the song sounds like.


I. Singing is Encouraged Throughout Scripture

A. Singing Psalms and hymns and spiritual songs (Colossians 3:16, Ephesians 5:18-19).

B. Singing is a physical, emotional and intellectual activity.

II. How to Design a Worship Service

A. Accompaniment or immersive

B. Choosing which songs to invite people to sing:

1. Blended hymns and contemporary related to the sermon topic

2. 5 criteria for choosing specific songs:

a. Are the words truthful and can they be biblically reinforced?

b. Are the lyrics poetic and emotionally compelling?

c. Does the melody compel you?

d. Could a non-musical person sing this song with me if given a chance?

e. Where does this song fit in your spiritual diet?

III. Introducing a new song to your congregation

IV. Song Writing

A. Consider writing a song that's meaningful to you and your congregation.

B. Seven items to consider when writing a song for congregational worship:

1. Write Scripture songs: use scripture and add a melody.

2. Write melodies, not chord progressions. Melody is king.

3. Reach across the breach between your artistic brain and your analytical brain.

4. Write down your prayers and put them to a melody.

5. Write song hooks, something people will remember during the week.

6. Write songs with a specific form: when they are organized they are intuitive for people to sing.

7. Keep things simple but not dumbed down: strive for a marriage of simplicity and beauty, form and function.

C. Seek the Holy Spirit for inspiration and illumination.

D. Listen closely to people in your congregation: listen as they share and pray.

E. Write responsibly.

F. Think creatively: let your work represent who you are and what God is doing in your life.

G. Let your work represent a high degree of originality rooted in authentic experience.

H. Act courageously and be proud of your songs.

I. Treat your songs like you treat your kids.

V. Song: Million Times Over

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