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Sermon by Alexander McClaren

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Mysticism can be described as the direct communication of your spirit with the Divine Spirit as taught and illustrated in the New Testament as a fundamental part of Christian belief. Receptivity means that I am open to what the Lord is saying to me through the revelation of his word, the magnificence of his son and the voice of his Spirit which is consistent with the written word. The church was emphasizing what they were doing for God rather than on first listening to what God wants us to be and then acting. Union with our Lord must come before any type of donation or work (kenosis) for our Lord. (Download the complete text of the sermon by clicking on the link on this page or under the Downloads heading on the class page.)


Sermon by Alexander McClaren

I. Introduction

A. Sermon by Alexander McClaren 1901 (cont)

1. Both justification and sanctification

2. Receptivity

3. The church was out of balance

B. Luke 10:38

1. Cultural significance of Martha owning her home

2. Younger sister sitting at the Lord's feet

3. Mary's place culturally was with her sister

4. Martha was distracted vs. 40

5. Who am I serving, why am I serving

6. When you have a divided heart, life inevitably gets overwhelming

7. It's normative to find church leaders that are overwhelmed with life

8. Message to us today

9. Statistics about longevity

10. There is only need of one thing vs. 42