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Biblical Training Institute: Theology

Biblical and Systematic theology helps us synthesize biblical content, learning the overall truths of the biblical text, and pushing those truths into our hearts.

Core Classes

New Testament Theology, Dr. Frank Thielman

Old Testament Theology (3 hours), Dr. Paul House
Old Testament Theology, Dr. Paul House

Systematic Theology I, Dr. Bruce Ware
Systematic Theology II, Dr. Bruce Ware

Church History I (Pentecost up to the Reformation), Dr. Gerald Bray
Church History II (Reformation to present), Dr. Gerald Bray

Elective Classes

Advanced Worldview Analysis (3 hours), Dr. Ronald Nash
Advanced Worldview Analysis, Dr. Ronald Nash

Apologetics (3 hours), Dr. Ronald Nash
Christian Apologetics, Dr. Ronald Nash

Christian Ethics (3 hours), Dr. Ronald Nash
Christian Ethics, Dr. Ronald Nash

History of Philosophy and Christian Thought (3 hours), Dr. Ronald Nash
History of Philosophy and Christian Thought, Dr. Ronald Nash

History of the English Bible (2 hours), Dr. Daniel Wallace

The Essential Luther (3 hours), Dr. Gordon Isaac
Martin Luther, Dr. Gordon Isaac

Introduction to Islam, Dr. Timothy Tennent

Introduction to Buddhism, Dr. Timothy Tennent

The World Mission of the Church (3 hours), Dr. Timothy Tennent
World Mission of the Church,  Dr. Timothy Tennent
Theology of World Missions, Dr. Peter Kuzmic

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