Seminars are talks over various topics that are of general interest. Most seminars are three hours in length.

Biblical Theology, Philosophy, and History

Dr. Bill MounceBibliology: What We Believe about the Bible
Dr. Bill Mounce
These three lessons cover the topics of how the Bible was written (Synoptic Problem), trusting the Bible (inspiration, inerrancy, authority), and how we got the Bible (canon, transmission).

Dr. Gerry BreshearsSpiritual Warfare
Dr. Gerry Breshears (10 hours)
There is an ongoing battle between the kingdom of light and the kingdom of darkness. By studying Jesus' life and other passages in scripture, we can gain insights into how to respond to the influence of demons effectively.

Dr. John PiperClasses from Dr. John Piper
Gravity and Gladness on Sunday Morning
Sexual Complementarity
Suffering for the Sake of the Body

Dr. Timothy GeorgeTheology of the Reformers
Dr. Timothy George (12 hours)
The leaders of the Protestant reformation built on the thoughts and teachings of scholars who came before them and spent their lives seeking God and explaining his Word.

Dr. Timothy TennentWorld Religion classes by Dr. Timothy Tennent (3 hours each)
If you are taking a missions trip to an area of the world dominated by one of these religions, you should learn about the culture before leaving
Essentials of African Traditional Religions
Essentials of Buddhism
Essentials of Hinduism
Essentials of Islam

Dr. Jonathan J. ArmstrongGlobal Theology
Dr. Jonathan Armstrong
An analysis of non-Euro-American theologies and theologians that have emerged from the expanding Christian church in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.

Why I Trust my Bible

These seminars were moved into a single class available in Basic Bible Classes:Step #2.

Biblical Spirituality

Regardless of what role you will be playing in your church, your character and spiritual maturity will play a significant role. You cannot impart to others what you do not possess yourself (1 Tim 3:2–3, 6).

Dr. John CoeSpiritual Formation
Dr. John Coe
This is one of the pivotal classes on BiblicalTraining. It is designed for people who have been followers of Christ for some time and are still striving to grow in their sanctification. It has an emphasis on people who feel stuck spiritually (10 hours).

Mr. Ron ToewsForgiveness
Mr. Ron Toews
There are only two things we can do with the past. We can either forgive, or we can let our past hurts control us. Whatever be your story, we all need to continue learning how to forgive.

Dr. John PiperClasses from Dr. John Piper
Desiring God
Future Grace/Battling Unbelief
Prayer, Meditation, and Fasting

Ministry Skills

Dr. Ron PyleSmall Group Dynamics
Dr. Ron Pyle
How we communicate, and how other hear and respond, is not as simple as one might expect. This class centers in on issues of leadership and conflict (3 hours).

Dr. Robert TuttleA Short Course on Evangelism
Dr. Robert Tuttle, Jr.
Dr. Tuttle walks you through the basics of the Gospel message and gives you practical steps to sharing your faith. (3 hours).

Dr. Bryan ChapellIntroduction to Public Speaking
Dr. Bryan Chapell
It is widely known that people fear public speaking more than death. It doesn't have to be that way. Let one of the premiere homilectics professors help you get started (3 hours).

UnassignedPlanned Classes:
Dealing with Conflict
Dealing with Gossip and Slander
Legal Issues (Brad Coleman)
Personal Counseling (read, Christian Counseling, Gary Collins)
Coaching the staff (read, Christian Coaching, Gary Collins)
Children's ministries (Daniel Watts, Every Generation Ministries)


Dr. Gary ParrettEssentials of Christian Education
Dr. Gary Parrett (3 hours)
How do you communicate the gospel within the setting of a church? Who are you teaching? What are you teaching? Why?

Urban Church Planting

Dr. Don DavisUrban Church Planting
Dr. Don Davis (10 hours)

Current Events

Dr. Darrell BockBreaking the Da Vinci Code
Dr. Darrell Bock (1 hour)
While the movie was certainly less than successful, the book has been read by over 120 million people, and 10% to 30% believe its message.

Dr. Daniel WallaceHistory of the English Bible
Dr. Daniel Wallace (2 hours)
This course covers the history of the English Bible from the time of Wycliffe to the present day.