Shorter classes that are great for small groups and nurturing your lay leaders

In this program we offer many shorter classes on different topics. Seminars began by us asking the question, "What do lay leaders need to know about ________?" But many of the topics are of interest to all the people in your church such as small groups and Sunday School. We encourage church leaders to pick a seminar and work through it as a group. The seminars will add a spiritual dimension to board meetings as you reflect together on its teaching.

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    43 Seminars
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Dr. Douglas Stuart
Basic overview of the entire Old Testament.
Dr. Craig Blomberg
Overview of New Testament themes.
Dr. Paul House
The basic themes and teachings of the Old Testament.
Team Taught
A three-part class on Biblical Theology
Dr. John Piper
A new look at why Christians believe the Bible.
Dr. Gerry Breshears
An overview of what we believe, designed specifically for Christians wanting to learn.
Dr. John Piper
The famous five points of Calvinism that separates it from Roman Catholicism.
Dr. Gerry Breshears
A practical introduction to spiritual warfare.
Dr. Gordon Isaac
A summary of church history.
Dr. Don Davis
How can evangelical Protestants be renewed?
Dr. Timothy George
The theology of Luther, Calvin, and other Reformers.
Dr. Gordon Isaac
Luther's teaching on justification by faith, and spirituality.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
An introduction to Christian missions.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
A summary of Hindu beliefs.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
A summary of Islam.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
Basic teaching of Buddhism.
Dr. Timothy Tennent
The basics of common religion in Africa.
Dr. John Piper
The pursuit of joy in life and ministry.
Dr. John Piper
The grace from God that enables faithfulness.
Dr. John Piper
The role of prayer, meditation and fasting in the life of the believer.
Dr. Glen Scorgie
Introducing the dynamics of spiritual growth.
Dr. Gary Thomas
An introduction to the biblical and historical roots of Christian spirituality.
Dr. John Piper
A complementation look at the relationships between men and women.
Mr. Ron Toews
A life-changing discussion of what forgiveness is, and is not, and how to proceed.
Dr. Gary Lovejoy
How to walk with someone who is in depression.
Dr. Gerry Breshears
When church leaders use their power to control the flock.
Dr. John Piper
Satan uses pleasure and pain to to prevent, weaken, and destroy believers.
Dr. John Piper
Christian worship emphasizes the inward experience of the heart.
Dr. Ronald Nash
An introduction to Christian philosophy.
Dr. Ronald Nash
An introduction to the analysis of worldviews.
Dr. Ronald Nash
An introduction to Christian ethics.
Dr. Ronald Nash
An introduction to Christian apologetics.
Dr. Don Davis
The challenges and solutions when planting churches in urban areas.
Dr. Bryan Chapell
The basics of putting a talk together.
Dr. Gary Parrett
An introduction to Christian education.
Dr. Ron Pyle
How to lead and participate in a small group.
Team Taught
How can the church serve people with disabilities, and how it be served by them as well.
Dr. Karl Elkins
A practical approach to healthy relationships.
Dr. Darrell Bock
Debunking the myths of the Davinci Code.
Dr. Daniel Wallace
A short class on the history of the Bible.
Team Taught
What should everyone, especially church leaders, in America know about the law and liability.