Essentials of Hinduism

A summary of Hinduism's historical and theological themes. You may access the seminary level course on this subject by Dr. Tennent, by going to Introduction to Hinduism. You may also purchase an mp3 CDROM that contains the lectures from this class, as well as the summary lectures on African Traditional Religions, Buddhism and Islam by clicking here.


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An introduction to Hinduism, discussion of their sacred texts, and the ten themes of the Upanishads.


The ten metaphors of Hinduism and how Hinduism is structured overall.


A look at the more popular forms of Hinduism. You can find images for each of the gods Dr. Tennent describes by searching the web using the name of the god, followed by the keywords, "hinduism images."


Four themes in the Devotional movement


A brief comparison of the beliefs and practices of Hinduism and Christianity.

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2 hours 45 min