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Lecture 15: Canonical Model: Self-Authenticating

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The purpose of the self-authenticating model is to authenticate the canon without undermining its authority. If something is an ultimate authority, you can’t demonstrate it without using it.

Kruger Session 4


I. What is the self-authenticating model?

II. What is the relationship between the self-authenticating model and "sola scriptura?"

III. What does it mean to have a proper epistemic environment?

a. Providential exposure

b. Attributes of canonicity

c. Operations of the Holy Spirit

IV. The effects of sin can affect our ability to see the divine qualities of a book.

V. Is it possible to use this argument for other books, like the Book of Mormon?

VI. What is the date of the canon for the self-authenticating model?

VII. The models for canonicity reinforce and support each other.

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12 min 40 sec

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