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Secret Wisdom (chapter 28)

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This is a poem about wisdom that divides the content of the book and points to a deep truth. It is inserted by the author of the book and is not attributed to Job or the friends.


I. Mining for Precious Metals and Gems

A. Humans are God-like compared to animals. They do things that are analogous to God.

II. Finding the Wisdom Described Here is Beyond Humanity's Power

A. Contrasting of the digging and searching of ingenuity of finding gems to the impossibility of finding wisdom.

III. This is Different From the Wisdom of Proverbs

A. Wisdom was present at creation and embodied into creation.

IV. We Can Discern Three Types of Wisdom

V. Christ the Wisdom of God

A. Counter-intuitive, hidden wisdom that confounds everyone. Christ being crucified and resurrected was something that no one expected.

VI. Conclusion of Job 28

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