Second Journey

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Barnabas and John Mark went to Cyprus and Paul and Silas went through Asia Minor, then to Macedonia and Greece.



Part 8

VIII.  The Second Missionary Journey

A.  Two New Teams

1.  Barnabas and John Mark - Cyprus

2.  Paul and Silas - Syria, Cilicia, Derbe, Lystra, Iconium, Pisidian Antioch

3.  Derbe - The circumcision of Timothy (Acts 16:3)

B.  The Call to Macedonia

1.  Plan - Go to Asia

2.  Troas, Samothrace, Neopolis

3.  Philippi

a.  Missionary strategy - Acts 16:13

b.  Conversion of the jailor - Acts 16:31ff

c.  Fear of the magistrates

4.  No mission in Amphibolis or Apollonia

5.  Thessalonica

a.  Missionary strategy - Acts 17:1-2

b.  Length of stay

c.  Forced to leave

6.  Berea

7.  Athens

a.  Silas and Timothy

b.  Paul on the Areopagus

8.  Corinth

a.  Port city

b.  Mission to the Gentiles

c.  Rome's view of Christianity

9.  Cenchreae, Ephesus, Caesarea, Jerusalem, Antioch


48 min