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After the division of the kingdom, 40 kings reigned during this period of the divided monarchy. Only three Kings reigned during the united monarchy—Saul, David, and Solomon. We might be able to assume the time period of the united monarch to be something like 120 years with each of the three kings reigning forty years. But the term “forty” in Hebrew means something like the English expression “several dozen.” That’s why we see the idiomatic expression “forty” so often in Hebrew literature.


The United Monarchy:  1 and 2 Samuel


I.  Three Kings


II.  1 and 2 Samuel

A.  Unit - Bifid Book

B.  1 Kings 1-11: Solomon


III.  Three Levels of Narrative

A.  Top Level - Bible Story as a Whole

B.  Middle Level - Individual Blocks of Material

C.  Lower Level - Particular Stories, Pericopes


IV.  The Kingdom of Saul


V.  Orienting Data for 1 and 2 Samuel

A.  Content

1.  Transition from Samuel to Saul

2.  Rise and tumultuous reign of David

B.  Author

C.  Date of Composition

D.  Historical Coverage

E.  Emphases

1.  Continuation of God's plan of redemption

2.  Need to change from judges to monarchy

3.  Samuel's good service

4.  Danger from the Philistines

5.  Saul's tragic reign

6.  Hopeful rise of David

7.  God's protection of his people

8.  Need for a good king

9.  The Messianic "Davidic Covenant"

10.  Completion of the conquest

11.  The choice of Jerusalem

12.  Consequences of David's adultery

13.  Rebellions against David

14.  Initial plans for a temple


VI.  Overview

A.  1 Samuel 1-7 - Samuel

B.  1 Samuel 8-15 - Samuel and Saul

C.  1 Samuel 16-31 - David and Saul

D.  2 Samuel - David alone

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