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1 & 2 Samuel, 1 Kings

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In this lesson several key elements from the lives of Saul, David and Solomon are briefly reviewed. The rejection of Saul as King is explained. The rebellions against David are highlighted. And the disobedience of Solomon is described. Although these three kings are imperfect, God keeps the Kingdom of Israel unified throughout their successive reigns.


The United Monarchy: 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 Kings


I. Saul Rejected As King

A. Total Annihilation of the Amalekites Required

B. What's So Bad About the Amalekites

1. Israel's First Enemy

2. Unprovoked Attack on Israel

C. Saul Fails to Follow Through

D. Spirit Departs Saul, Injurious Spirit Enters


II. Ruah

A. Possible Meanings

B. Possibly Angel


III. Showbread


IV. Witch of Endor

A. Saul seeks help.

B. "Lady who owns a pit."

C. God shows them Samuel.

D. End of the line for Saul.


V. Rebellion Against David


VI. The Census

A. Scripture References

B. Two Purposes

1. Produce New Taxes

2. Counting the Troops

C. David Planned to Expand

D. God turns bad to good


VII. Themes of 1 Kings

A. Importance of orthodox worship

B. No gift or status prevents apostasy

C. God's promises carried out

D. True unity by belief

E. Social oppression

F. The power of the king to influence religion

G. Religious and political instability

H. Lone true prophet

I. Passing on the prophetic office

J. New and foreign things

K. Miracles as confirmation of divine truth


VIII. Solomon

A. Fulfillment of God's Warnings about a King

B. Building the temple.

C. Self-centered

D. Ashtoreth and Molech.


IX. The Baals and Ashtoreths

A. Baal

B. Ashtoreth

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