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This lesson is an overview of the doctrine and process of salvation, beginning with election and then discussing calling, regeneration, conversion, justification, adoption, sanctification, perseverance, and, finally, the glorification of the believer.


I. Election

A. Scriptural Teaching

1. Election in the Old Testament

2. Election in the New Testament

B. The Arminian Approach: Conditional Election

C. The Calvinist Approach: Unconditional Election

II. Calling

A. The General Call

B. The Special or Effectual Call

III. Regeneration

A. The Nature of Regeneration

B. The Timing of Regeneration

IV. Conversion

A. Faith

B. Repentance

V. Justification

A. The Method of Justification

B. The Results of Justification

VI. Adoption

A. The Nature of Adoption

B. Key Verses

VII. Sanctification

A. Believers as Already “Holy:” Positional Sanctification

B. Believers as Continually Made “Holy:” Progressive Sanctification

VIII. Perseverance

A. An Arminian View of Perseverance

B. A Calvinist View of Perseverance

IX. Glorification

A. Definition

B. Key Verses

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