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The Sacraments and Baptism

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This course covers the theological differences between what Luther and the Protestant reformers, and the Roman Church believed with respect to baptism and other sacraments.


The Sacraments and Baptism

• Luther is in exile (kidnapped)

• Luther’s primary goal and concern

• The papacy put out of commission

• Zwingli revolting against Rome in Switzerland independently of Luther

• Peter Lombard (sacramentarians)

• Luther’s challenge of matrimony

• Transubstantiation (Aristotle’s influence)

• Luther’s objection to transubstantiation

• Luther’s mix of reformed and catholic believes

• Zwingli’s belief of the sacraments

• The Gospel rules out works

• Baptism

o The Anabaptists

o Their beliefs on baptism

• Pelagianism

• Citizen’s meaning of baptism

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