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Your Role as a Christian Leader

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Don’t let there be a disconnect between what you say at church and what you do in the world. In order to lead people beyond your title, you must earn their trust by making your life and words line up. When you depend on your title alone as worship pastor, you are being a fixture, not a shepherd. Prioritize time with God. Your calling is to a journey, not a destination. Bearing fruit requires time and effort, not from trying to cut the process short by copying someone else. Don’t try to make people happy, make them disciples. Pray that God will nurture in you an inward passion that transcends outward appearance.


I. Boxing Illustration

II. Who You Are In Your Core is What Determines Your Output

A. Your calling is to a life, not a title, Matthew 23:1-3.

B. You are called to an action, not just an idea, 23:4.

C. Your calling is to a journey, not a destination.

D. Comparison kills contentment.

1. Stop comparing yourself to other well-known worship leaders, Luke 13:6-9.

2. Stop comparing yourself to people with different gifts than yours, 1 Cor 12:24-27.

3. Stop comparing yourself to a version of yourself that's not possible to attain.

E. Your calling is to be a servant, not a star, 23:6.

III. Conclusion

A. Your ambitions as a worship leader must be constantly realigned with the commission of Christ to make disciples.

B. Take stock of where you are now in view of the principles in Matthew 23.

C. Christian vocation apart from a Christian commitment is a common theme among worship leaders.

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