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Rocks and Soil

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Of the granite, sandstone and limestone layers of rock, the limestone layer is what controls much of the lifestyle of the people. The layers of limestone that are common throughout Israel and the surrounding areas are Cenomanian, Senonian and Eocene. It is a good land because there are enough resources to survive and thrive, but it is not an easy land. It has been referred to by different names throughout the years and the political boundaries have been fluid.


I. Layers of rock

A. Cenomanian

B. Senonian

C. Eocene

D. Volcanic Soil

II. The "Good" Land of Milk and Honey

A. Milk

B. Honey

C. Deuteronomy 11:9-15

III. What Do We Call This Land?

A. Dan to Beersheba

B. Holy Land

C. Palestine

D. Israel

E. Levant

F. Land Between

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