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Rivers and Roads

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Major rivers in the Ancient Near East provided the resources necessary for empires like Egypt, Assyria, Babylon and Persia to grow and flourish. Israel is on a couple of the major trade routes that connects these cultures. The location of mountains, hills and valleys in Israel affects the lifestyle and travel patterns of the people who live there and the people travelling through.


I. Prominent Rivers in the Ancient Near East

A. Tigris and Euphrates Rivers

B. Nile River

II. Benefits of Rivers

A. Agriculture flourishes

B. Facilitates trade

C. Resources for nation building

D. Major Empires in the Ancient Near East

III. Israel

A. Textured

B. No major river

C. Trade routes

IV. God's Call of Abraham

A. Culture

B. Geography

V. Geographical Big Picture

A. Longitudinal zones

1. Coastal Plain

2. Central Mountain

3. Rift Valley

4. Transjordan

B. East-West connections

1. Jezreel and Harod Valley

2. Biblical Negev

C. Roads

1. International roads

2. Israelite roads

3. Neighbors

4. Solomon

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