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Lecture 9: The Rise of Buddhist Philosophy

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We apologize but this lecture is not available. We will record it the next time Dr. Tennent lectures on Buddhism.


The Emergence of the “Great Vehicle”

Part 4

IX. The Rise of Buddhist Philosophy

A. Introduction

B. School of Madhyamika

1. Nagarjuna (150-250 C.E.)

2. Tetralemma

a. A

b. Not A

c. Both A and not A

d. Neither A nor not A

3. All is void – śunya-vada

4. Madhyamika understanding of Dharma-kaya

C. School of Yogacara

1. Maitreyanatha

2. Reality in mind or consciousness (citta)

3. Cittamatra (mind only)

4. Storehouse of consciousness

5. Yogacara understanding of dharma-kaya

D. Evangelical objections, as found in Christianity at the Religious Roundtable

1. Buddhism does not embrace a personal, absolute being who transcends the universe.

2. The actual objects of worship and adoration in Buddhism are ultimately illusory and superceded by true enlightenment.

Terms to Know from this lecture:

Nagarjuna (150-250 C.E.)
storehouse of consciousness

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