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Humans are both material and spiritual and have the capacity to experience transcendence. Without God, you are describing a diminished view of humanity. John Calvin says that wisdom is the knowledge of God and the knowledge of ourselves. Revelation of God comes from Scripture (the most important), tradition, reason and experience. Theology should be participatory and result in transformation. …Wesley’s theology describe in two words would be, “holiness” and “grace.” Wesley’s theology is conjunctive. Holy love is a tension. Holiness results in separation and love results in community. Wesley’s view of grace includes both cooperant grace and free grace. 


I. What Kind of Beings are Human Beings?

A. Science

B. Theologian

1. Reinhold Niebuhr

2. Jon Macquarrie

3. Theodore Feuerbach

II. Doing Practical Theology in a 21st Century World

A. John Calvin

B. Theological Method [Etienne Gilson]

C. Shift to Practical Theology (17:27)

1. John Wesley 22;47

2. Theology is participatory [Jacob Needleman]

3. Wesley's theology is a practical theology

4. Wesley's theology is a conjunctive theology

5. The meaning of holiness and love

6. Grace

a. cooperant grace

b. free grace

III. Questions and Answers

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