The Resurrection in the Synoptics and Intro to John's Gospel

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The account of the resurrection in the synoptic Gospels contains evidence to show that the event of the resurrection really happened and was not just created in someone’s imagination. Eternal life in John is equivalent to the kingdom of God in the synoptics. Jesus is the Word because he reveals what heaven discloses.


I. The choice of the women

II. Three days passed

III. Details related to the burial

IV. Resurrection

V. Commissions

VI. Prologue (John 1:1-4)

VII. John the Baptist

VIII. Book of signs (John chapters 2-12)

            A. Wedding at Cana

            B. Cleansing of the temple

            C. Nicodemus

            D. John the Baptist's witness

            E. Samaritan woman

            F. Healing

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