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Resistance and Authority for Ministry

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Our mission is to advance the kingdom of God, so we are in conflict with Satan trying to advance his kingdom. We will face resistance because Jesus faced resistance. Temptations involving pride will often seem subtle. Restlessnes can result in ungratefulness and anger. Satan will try to discourage us so we lose heart. God has given us authority. We need to exercise it and stand against sin.


Resistance and Authority for Ministry

A. Resistance to Ministry

1. Resistance comes to those who serve God

2. Our identity invites resistance

3. Our mission leads to resistance

4. Our union guarantees resistance

B. Resistance takes on many forms

C. Resistance often focuses on key areas

1. Pride

2. Sexual temptation

3. Restlessness

4. To lose heart

D. Authority for Ministry

1. Take hold of the authority we have

2. Lay hold of the spirit

3. Confront sin with wisdom

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