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Reformation in Europe

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Zwingli and Calvin were influential leaders in the Protestant Reformation movement. The Anabaptists and Mennonites are movements that still have an influence on theology in the church today.


I. Ulrich Zwingli

A. Everything is to be judged by scripture

B. Influence of biblical humanism on Zwingli

C. Zwingli's preaching ministry

D. Comparison of Luther and Zwingli

II. Anabaptists

A. Anabaptists threatened societal order

B. Anabapatists persecuted

C. Cultural differences in punishment for heresy

D. Melchior Hoffman

E. Fall of Muenster

F. Mennonites

III. John Calvin

A. Calvin's life

B. Calvin's writings

C. Calvin in Geneva

D. Theology of Calvin

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