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Red Flags in Your Ministry

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Which do you love more, the Lord or the projects you are doing for him? Is your goal to exalt the Lord or build a personal kingdom? Essence of anxiety is whether or not you can trust God. The question to ask when you begin having feelings of self-pity is, “Is you life going to be defined by how you think it ought to go?”  The blame-shame mindset is that you are unhappy because there is something wrong with the people around you. When you experience these red flags in your ministry, you should recognize it as time that it’s possible that the Lord may be prompting you to make a change in your life.The Mary in you must rest at the feet of Jesus if the Martha in you is to do her work.


Red Flags in Your Ministry

I. Examples of "red flags"

A. Martha feared that her project would fail

B. Martha's afraid she won't measure up personally

C. Martha was afraid that she wouldn't make a good impression on Jesus

D. Agitation

E. Anger

F. Anxiety

G. Self-pity

H. Blame-shame game

I. Controlling others

II. Summary