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Questions About Evaluating Your Motives

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How do you determine if your motives are right in your efforts to serve God? The more gifts and talents we have, the more susceptible we are to self-deception regarding our motives. Resist the urge to make pleasing people your primary motivation. You will never please everyone and in the process you lose sight of focusing on pleasing God. When people have expectations of you that don’t match what God has called you to do, there are times when you must, “let Lazarus die.”


I. Questions About Evaluating Your Motives

A. How do you monitor your motives?

B. What do you mean by, "the merits of Christ?"

C. How do you respond when you see "red flags"

D. Wanting affirmation in ministry

E. What do you do when peoples' expectations don't match what God is calling you to do?