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Lecture 1: The Puzzle Picture

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In this first session, we’ll examine why having a “big screen” perspective for the entire Bible is so vital for all disciples and critical for those called to leadership. Through this journey, you’ll be introduced to the structure of your English Bible and how, in learning that structure, you can develop the skill necessary to manage the Bible’s content, purposes and applications throughout your life. You’ll also begin to learn how to use this big picture, Bible-management skill to enhance your own teaching and mentoring impact. Okay. This will be 30 fast minutes. Get your biblical track shoes on and get ready to run.


The “Puzzle Picture”

I. Introduction

A. The importance of seeing the “big picture”

B. Applications for you as a leader

C. The Old Testament points to Jesus

D. Importance of review to help you remember

II. Structure of the Bible — Draw the Structure and Jot notes in it as Dr. downs leads you through this journey

A. Old Testament

1. Foundations: Genesis — Deuteronomy  (5)

2. Historical: Joshua — Esther  (12)

3. Instructional: Poetical (5) and Prophetical (17)

B. New Testament

1. Foundational: Gospels (4)

2. Historical: Acts (1)

3. Instructional (22)

C. Silent Years

III. Summary

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