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In this lesson, Dr. Stuart provides an overview of the ten types of Psalms found in Scripture, a few suggestions regarding preaching through the Psalms, and addresses how we are to interact with the hystoricizing statements within the Psalms.


Poetry and Wisdom:  Psalms


I.  Ten Types

A.  Laments

1.  Four Types of Miseries

a.  Facing Enemies

b.  Facing Death

c.  Facing Confinement

d.  Facing Drowning

2.  Maximum Applicability

3.  Format

a.  Address

b.  Complaint

c.  Trust

d.  Deliverance Plea

e.  Assurance

f.  Praise

4.  Individual or Corporate

5.  Subcategories

a.  Penitential Psalms

b.  Imprecatory Psalms

B.  Thanksgiving Psalms

1.  Format

a.  Introduction

b.  Misery

c.  Appeal

d.  Rescue

e.  Testimonial

2.  Individual or Corporate

C.  Hymns

1.  Format

a.  Summons

b.  Reason

c.  Recapitulation

2.  Creator Hymns

3.  Israel Hymns

4.  History Hymns

D.  Enthronement Psalms

E.  Royal Psalms

F.  Zion Psalms

G.  Wisdom Psalms

1.  Format

2.  Wisdom is making the right choice

3.  Two Ways Literature

H.  Trust Psalms

I.    Liturgies

J.  Torah Psalms


II.  Preaching the Psalms


III.  "Historicizing Statements"

A.  Psalm 33

B.  Psalm 67

C.  Psalm 131

D.  Psalm 137

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