Free Online Bible Classes | Psalm 73 and Psalm 15

Psalm 73 and Psalm 15

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Exegesis and exposition of Psalm 73 and Psalm 15. Also a further explanation of the importance of the liturgical approach when reading and interpreting the psalms. 


I. Function of the Cultus

A. Symbolism that Reveals God – Psalm 73

1. A Latter of Faith

2. Seven Steps Back to God

B. Visible Forms to Portray Reality

C. Sacramental and Artistry

D. Psalm 48 – A Song of Zion

II. General Aspects of the Cultus

III. Aspects of the Cultus within the Psalter

A. Psalm 46 – Of the Sons of Korahg

B. Psalm 15 – A Psalm of David – David’s Ten Commandments

C. Sacred Seasons, Actions, Processions and Pilgrimages

1. Sacred Seasons

2. Sacred Actions

3. Processions

4. Songs of Pilgrimage

5. A Song of Ascents

D. Sacred Objects and People

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