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This lesson provides an overview of the structure of Proverbs, which seems to be the most secular book of the bible. Proverbs is a book of wise memorable sayings collected by Solomon. These sayings are collected from various individuals in Israel and the Ancient Near East and serve to provide wisdom for how to live in the world.


Poetry and Wisdom:  Proverbs


I.  Overview

A.  Importance of Wisdom (1-9)

B.  Proverbs of Solomon (10-22)

C.  Words of the Wise (22-24)

D.  More Words of the Wise (24:23-34)

E.  More Proverbs of Solomon (25-29)

F.  Words of Agur (30)

G.  Words of Lemuel (31:1-9)

H.  A Godly Woman (31:10-31)


II.  Themes of the Book


III.  Proverbs are puzzles.


IV.  Context of Warnings


V.  Sexual Purity and Choosing a Spouse


VI.  A Useful Proverb

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