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While it is difficult to preach through the prophets it can be done well if some basic views are taken regarding the prophetic books in general.


The Divided Monarchy:  Prophetical Books


I.  Preaching the Prophets

A.  Dependency on Pentateuch

B.  Lack of novelty

C.  Watch out for liberal assumptions

D.  Special stress on covenant sanctions

E.  Evidence followed by curse fulfillment

F.  "Rib Formula"

G.  Prophets as messengers

1.  Messenger Formulae

2.  Usually speaks in first person

3.  Prophets are dictation documents

4.  Prophet is messenger in original delivery context

5.  Implications

H.  Visions as verbal content

I.   Eschatology in the Prophets

J.  Personalizing, church-state confusion

K.  Oracles against foreign nations

L.  Dramatized prophecy


II.  Some Themes from Hosea

A.  A God of reversals and surprises

B.  God's people loved and therefore chastened

C.  Reliance upon human diplomacy vs. reliance on God

D.  The determination of God to redeem a remnant

E.  Ritual no substitute for substance

F.  Corruption of clergy a precursor to national degeneracy

G.  Sin as infidelity to God

H.  Sin and political instability

I.    Divine forgiveness


III.  Overview of the Minor Prophets

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