Free Online Bible Classes | Hermeneutics for Prophecy (Part 2)

Hermeneutics for Prophecy (Part 2)

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The prophets use figurative and metaphorical language to describe future events and spiritual reality. They also use cosmic language to describe God acting in history. 



I. Isaiah

A. Isaiah 11:1-10

B. Isaiah 35:1-2, 8-10

C. Isaiah 65:25

II. Revelation

A. Cosmic language - God acting in history

B. Impressionistic painting

III. Acts 2

IV. Luke

A. Luke 3:4-6

B. Luke 14:11

C. Luke 18:14

D. Luke 4:18ff

V. Matthew 2 and Hosea - Implications of the prophecy

A. Hosea 11:1-2

B. Matthew 2:14-15

VI. Why this kind of language?

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