Free Online Bible Classes | The Prologue of Job (Chapters 1-2)

The Prologue of Job (Chapters 1-2)

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Satan appears before God with an accusation against Job. Even though Job is described as, “upright and blameless,” Satan accuses Job of serving God only because Job is prosperous. God allows Satan to take away Job’s possessions, children and health. The remainder of the book is the dialogue of Job and his friends attempting to determine why this is happening.


I. Summary of the Structure

II. Main Points in the Prologue

A. Job is declared to be upright and blameless

B. Appearance of Satan

1. His malevolence is clear

2. The Hebrew term, “ha satan” is a proper name and it does mean Satan

C. Job loses all his wealth and children in the first affliction and his health in the second

D. Satan's proverb, "skin for skin" appears nowhere else in the Bible

1. Similar to, "eye for an eye," Exodus 21:24

2. Satan means that Job values nothing as much as his own skin

E. Job won't curse God and die. The rest of the book is Job and his friends trying to figure out why

F. Job's three friends show up

1. Job's friends come to comfort him

2. The three friends are like Job

3. Job's friends are concerned about orthodoxy but end up acting like hateful people

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