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Lecture 1: Prolegomena

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An introduction to theology, answering the questions of what is EST (Evangelical Systematic Theology), why study EST, and how it relates to other theological disciplines.


Theological Prolegomena

Part 1

I. The Nature of Evangelical Systematic Theology (EST)

A. What EST Is

1. Definition

2. Elaboration on the Definition

a. The Subject-matter of EST

b. The Sources of EST

c. The Structure of EST

d. The Setting of EST

e. The Satisfaction of EST

B. Why Study EST?

1. Comprehensive Scriptural Vantage Point

2. Interpretive Guide

3. Religious Pluralism

4. Head, Heart, Hands, Habitat

C. EST in Relation to other Theological Disciplines

1. Hermeneutics

2. Biblical Studies

3. Biblical Theology

4. Systematic Theology

5. Church History/Historical Theology

6. Apologetics

7. Missions/Evangelism

8. Ethics

9. Practice of Ministry

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