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Profiles in Faith

Profiles in Faith is a study of twelve Old Testament characters that will encourage you to emulate their godly behavior and avoid their not-so-godly failures. It was written by Bill Mounce, and we are delighted to offer it for free to those who fill out their user account.

  1. Abraham: Strong and Weak in Faith
  2. Jacob: Conflict, Deceit, and Faith
  3. Joseph: Innocence and Providence
  4. Moses: Patience and Hatred of Evil
  5. Joshua: God’s Leader
  6. Ruth: Gentle Strength
  7. Samuel: God’s Man in Difficult Times
  8. David: Dedication to the Lord
  9. Elijah: A Brutal Man for Brutal Times
  10. Isaiah: Judgment and Hope
  11. Jeremiah: The Prophet Who Would Not Compromise
  12. Esther: Stewardship of Beauty