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Lecture 1: The Process of Reading your Bible

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Dr. Guthrie uses the word picture of taking a trip to describe the process of how we study the Bible.


The Process of Reading your Bible


I. Reasons for failure to study God's Word: 1 Corinthians 8


II. Challenges of reading and understanding verses of scripture


III. Understanding how to apply scripture to our lives

A. Cultural differences

1. Dress

2. Language

3. Is this physical food or spiritual?

B. How do you make the connection between what Paul says (which seems so foreign) and relate it to our lives today?

C. A word picture: Taking a trip. What is involved in taking this trip?

1. A vehicle

2. Understanding the culture of the area

3. Understanding the streets and geography


IV. Why Bible study is more like an expedition

A. You are going to discover something

1. We have to leave home to understand what Paul is saying

2. God intended for Paul to write this letter at that place and at that time

B. The vehicle that gets us there

1. A sound process of study or reading using good tools

2. The right spiritual commitment

C. The foreign culture: The difference between meaning and significance

D. The return home

1. The vehicle for the trip: Grasping the significance of what we have learned

2. How does God's truth apply to us today?

3. What are some similar life experiences we have with the intended audience? Some differences

4. What are the biblical principles that are true and relevant?

5. Paul's meaning

E. Bringing this all back home

1. What are some possible ways we can apply this passage to life?

2. Some areas where our choices affect others

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