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Lecture 28: Problem of Pain (part 8)

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For Lewis, heaven is the unending joyous life of God, the life of the Trinity. The only way I can be fulfilled is to find its proper purpose and relation with God. Heaven is the restoration of created personhood, what it was always meant to be. When we are on the trajectory, we begin experiencing it now. Hell is the lack of fulfillment for which we were made. 

C.S. Lewis Lecture 9c


Problem of Pain (part 8)

I. Animal Pain (chapter 9)

A. Different than human suffering

B. Nature of pain and predation in the animal world

C. Clarification

D. Kant’s view

E. The animal kingdom participated in the fall and will also participate in the restoration of all things

II. Heaven (chapter 10)

A. Definition

B. Trajectory of finite personality

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34 min

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