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Lecture 27: Problem of Pain (part 7)

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Lewis thinks that God needs to pierce the shield of our ego and we are embodied creatures so pain is what does it by getting our attention by highlighting how frail and in need we are. 

C.S. Lewis Lecture 9b


Problem of Pain (part 7)

I. Kantian Ethics of Duty vs. Aristotelian Ethics of Virtue

II. Divine Command Theory vs. Natural Law

III. Human Pain (cont.) (chapter 7)

A. Paradox between tribulation and faith

B. The Christian doctrine of self-surrender is purely theological and not in the least political

C. Pain gives us the message that we will never have ultimate security

D. Pain and suffering have the tendency to reduce the rebel will

IV. Hell (chapter 8)

A. Hell is a retributive punishment and makes God look wrathful

B. The punishment of hell is disproportionate to what’s being punished

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27 min

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