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Problem of Pain (part 6)

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As long as God chooses a stable physical order, that physical order will run by its own laws. Any system with  have the possibility of pain. Created nature with natural laws provide a framework/structure in which souls can meet. Some pain is produced by the natural system without regard to the desires of the beings. That humans can inflict pain on other humans is a reflection of the permission by God that he permits this. The wide range of freedom makes it possible for great good or terrible evil. 


Problem of Pain (part 6)

I. Pain in the Biological Order (chapter 5)

II. Human Pain (chapter 6)

A. Any system has the possibility of pain

B. We inflict pain on each other

C. Problem of gratuitous evil

D. Fallen human beings are rebellious

E. Possibility of non-human free agents

F. Pain in self-surrender

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