Problem of Pain (part 5)

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Aristotle would say that as a rational, moral being you build your character based on the hierarchy of good traits.  From a Christian perspective, our natural destiny should be on the same trajectory as our eternal destiny. The spiritual and theological virtues are faith, hope and love.

C.S. Lewis Lecture 8c


Problem of Pain (part 5)

I. Open View vs. Timeless View

A. Discussion of risk-reward

B. Aristotle’s virtues vs. Christian virtues


Aristotle's Hierarchy of Good Traits
  Goods Evils
Third-order Excellence of character Deformity of character
Second-order Courage, perseverance Cowardice, vacillation
First-order Simple pleasures, convenience, etc. Hardship, pain, suffering, lack, loss, etc.


23 min

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