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Principle 1

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With the misconceptions and basic terms as background, Dr. Parrett turns to a number of key biblical principles concerning the practice of worship. The first principle is that all worship involves these two things in a dynamic relationship, revelation and response.



Part 1

I. Principle #1: Worship always involves both revelation and response

A. Definition - Our faithful response to God's gracious revelation.

B. Key Texts

1. Deuteronomy 6:4-5

2. Romans 12:1

3. Isaiah 6:1-8

a. Revelation (Holiness of God) and Response ("Woe is me!" – Sinfulness of Man)

b. Revelation (mercy in action; God acts on behalf of the sinner) and Response (humbly receives the mercy of God)

c. Revelation (reveals his will; work to be done) and Response ("Here am I. Send me!" – Romans 12:1; Luke 1:38)

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