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Lecture 1: Preliminary Concerns

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Dr. Parrett discusses the ministry of worship in the local church context, looking at critical issues about the biblical understanding of worship, and also its practice in the contemporary Christian context. In this lesson he takes on two common misconceptions about worship, and then looks at key biblical terms that describe worship. Dr. Parrett also offers an initial definition for worship.


Preliminary Concerns

I. Worship is controversial ("Worship Wars")

II. Misconceptions about Worship

A. Worship is singing.

B. Worship is something we do on occasion.


III. Key Biblical Terms

A. shachah, proskuneo - bowing down

B. 'avad, latreuo - to serve


IV. Definition - Bowing all that we are before all that God is.


V. English term - Worship = Worth ship - attributing worth

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